UPDATE MAY 25, 2024 

  Looking for experienced  short term crew to reposition the boat from Santa Barbra to Eureka/Humboldt Bay, leaving mid June. I would expect the passage to take one to three weeks, as I’m inclined to hide out when the weather is not conducive to comfortable progress.  Contact me at 

    I’ve cruised Surrender off and on for 37 years, single handing or with friends and family as crew. Now, she is simply becoming too much boat for me to safely handle without full time crew, as my son is raising his own family, and my wife is still immersed in her career. Although I am healthy and strong, I am 76 and simply don’t have the brute strength I use to–and Surrender is a lot of boat.

  Enjoy the website (Please excuse the glitches—its still under construction) and, if this opportunity resonates with you, please go to the Crew Positions page for detailed info on the ‘fit’ I’m looking for

Surrender is a unique boat. Her builder began her construction after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a student of Zen, he shared with me that, following his diagnosis, he turned within conceiving of the grandest project he could imagine, knowing that he would live to fully manifest his creation. He worked full time, alone, for twenty years, building her in a shed in Alameda. Every aspect of the boat, including her design, materials and construction, attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship are a testament to his skills, faith and dedication. He was a remarkable man and Surrender is part of his legacy.

It is most accurate to describe Surrender as a “one off,” custom boat. The builder started with a Piver Enchantress inspired design, however, in consultation with his marine architect, he significantly modified the Piver construction specifications, dramatically increasing the vessels’ strength, seaworthiness, and performance. She is a strong and able sea-going craft, and a proven passage-maker.

For instance, the builders’ obsession for seaworthiness and overall vessel integrity resulted in him collaborating with his marine architect to design a custom vessel almost twice the designed weight of an Enchantress (and, after purchase, I extended the center hull aft seven feet—eliminating the cavitation caused by the original vertical transom, and providing a ‘sugar scoop’ boarding area). As a result, she is not a ‘go fast ‘ boat. If you are looking for a multihull with speeds in the teens, this is not the boat for you. If you’re looking for a proven passage- maker, and a roomy, comfortable/stable platform at anchor, you’ll appreciate what you find on the following pages.

Surrender sails very well, at about half the wind speed, up to about ten knots, where I choose to slow her down. If I can average 150-200 miles a day under sail, I’m a happy camper. You should expect speeds of a similarly sized monohull, with twice the interior and deck space, but with a safe, level, stable platform on which to live and work, in virtually all sea conditions and points of sail.

And, at anchor, Surrender surpasses all expectations. While our mono-hull neighbors are crawling on their hands and knees, and light weight catamarans are wildly hobby-horsing, Surrender rides gently and comfortably to her bridle and ground tackle. A cruising trimaran combines the best attributes of a monohull and catamaran, blending them into a class of its own.

Experienced cruisers know the value of a boat that performs well under power alone, and Surrender excels in this department! Her Perkins 4-236, 85 hp engine has a stellar global reputation for reliability and parts availability (it’s a common truck/bus/heavy equipment engine worldwide). Her average cruising speed under power is six knots (i.e. sometimes five, sometimes seven—depending on conditions/current). In very light winds, a sail assist will increase her speed under power by 1-3 knots. Her range under power alone exceeds 1000+ miles at a very economical burn rate of less than 1.5 gph.

Surrender’s helm is located under the hard top in her spacious cockpit (with removable side/aft curtains), creating a ‘wheel house,’ completely sheltered from the elements.

Since acquiring Surrender I have taken my retirement in installments, cruising her for a year or three, and returning to my profession, all the while lavishing her with constant care, maintenance, and upgrades. My cruising area has been limited to the Eastern Pacific, between British Columbia, Panama, and Hawaii. Most recently I cruised California’s Channel Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, and the San Juan Islands, returning to my home port in Humboldt Bay late 2021. I did the same loop in 2018/19. I’m currently in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico.

Surrender is a unique, custom, elegant, well maintained and equipped, comfortable, bullet proof and proven cruising machine. I’m looking forward to extending my cruising years with the right team.  

For detailed information on what I’m looking for in crew, please go the “CREW POSTIONS” page.

Thanks for listening.

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