Crew Positions

UPDATE 05/21

Surrender sailed to Hawaii this Spring, and will be in the San Juan’s by late June. From there the boat will be in Humboldt Bay for a month or so before continuing south to Panama

There are one or more crew positions available in the Fall. Preferences are set forth below. Surrender and her crew always reach consensus on responsible Covid precautions. Teams/individuals interested in joining the boat are encouraged to reach out.

The boat, the plans, and the Owner
Surrender is a classic, elegant, comfortable, bulletproof, 55’ trimaran fully outfitted for extended cruising. The boat sails very well, but not fast by multi-hull standards (50% of wind speed, with boat topping out at 10 knots). Range under power 1000+ miles at 6 knots.

I AM owner/captain, 73 years old, good health, strong, 50+ years maritime experience, retired professional, old hippy.

Long Term Position(s)

Long term/permanent crew wanted. Individual or one berth team. You must have open ocean and cruising experience, be able to stand watch, raise and reef sails, go up the mast, and clear lines from the prop. The ideal candidate(s) would have familiarity with the equipment and systems described on the preceding pages, and be competent to operate the boat without my being aboard.

All your on-board expenses (e.g. food, port fees, fuel, etc.) paid by boat. I single-hand, so you will have the option to travel home, explore and travel ashore, and may also do pick up work (e.g. boat maintenance, deliveries, chartering, etc.), as our mutual schedules allow. I have done day & surf charters in the past (Mexico & Costa Rica) and am open to considering doing them again (e.g. if you need a pay check). I would also consider a modest stipend for your everyday needs.

My family and friends may visit the boat occasionally, and so may yours. I enjoy long open ocean passages, remote anchorages, as little time as possible in marinas, and the tropics. Otherwise I am flexible re itinerary. I prefer young energy aboard, and the ideal candidate(s) will be south of 50. Personal and professional references to be exchanged.

Short Term Position(s)— (1-3 months +or-)

Individual or one berth team. All your on-board expenses (e.g. food, port fees, fuel, etc.) paid by boat. You must have “some” sailing experience, and enough time on the water to know you don’t get seasick! Personal and professional references to be exchanged.

What’s expected of the crew aboard this boat
English speaking, confident swimmer, rarely/unlikely seasick, good communicator, travel light (little luggage), respectful, clean & tidy, committed, eager to learn & work, fit & healthy, low key, friendly, polite, will keep politics to yourself, diligent, positive outlook, skilled, organized, discreet, trustworthy, open minded, enthusiastic, easy going, sense of humor, enjoy cooking, don’t mind cleaning, good with maintenance, can follow orders, will not bring a bicycle, will bring/use earbuds, will not bring a pet, surf board(s) &/or SUP’s OK.

Lifestyle Preferences
Eating–Preferably crew with an unrestricted diet
Drinking–Preferably non-drinkers and aboard moderate drinking is fine at anchor
Smoking–Preferably non-smokers and aboard moderate smoking allowed on the aft deck only
Nudity–Aboard any or no nudity is fine
Romance–Strictly no romance and please don’t contact me if looking for romance!

I’ve always enjoyed single handing, and still do. I’ve never had full time crew before. In the past, when I needed crew for passages, my family and friends were always available. Now, not so much—My partner of 20 years is a professional still immersed in her career, my son is a working parent, my grandchildren (ages 8 & 18) are students, and my friends have limited availability.

Further, although I’m blessed with good health and strength, I’m not getting any younger and Surrender is a LOT of boat. Competent/compatible crew will extend the years and destinations I’ll be able to enjoy going forward. And, “experienced, long term/permanent” crew will allow me the flexibility I’m looking for (e.g. post-Covid the ability travel home at will), and give you the unique opportunity to cruise aboard a world class boat, on my dime, indefinitely.

Email me via our contact form if you’re qualified and interested. Please include a BRIEF description of your experience, and why you’d be a good fit on Surrender. I’ll respond via a secure email where we can open a dialog and exchange further information.

Please don’t contact me if we are not geographically close enough to meet and connect. Email and telephone will only get us so far–at the end of the day its all about chemistry. I’d be open to meeting strong candidates half way.

Thanks for listening,

The Captain and family of Surrender